How long will a project take to get out for approval.
This is a difficult question to answer. The project's size, complexity and condition of the contract plans will determine this answer. Unfortunately, without seeing the plans, an accurate answer is impossible to determine. One major determinate in the answer to this question is the current backlog that we have. Naturally, we have to set the necessary time aside for your project which means that we need to fulfill our previous promise dates.

How much do you charge for a ton of steel detailing?
Pricing by the ton has gone out of practice over the last several years. Detailing a big box like a Home Depot would be considerably less than a school. The amount of detail and small pieces in a school is generally much more than commercial projects. Also bear in mind that it takes no more time to detail a w10 than it does to detail a w30.

Do you provide beam line files?
We do provide .dstv files. There may be more capabilities of which we are not yet aware. If you supply your needs, we can verify our abilities.

What software systems do you use?
For structural steel and some misc. metals items, we use sds/2 from Design Data. We are using their most current release to take advantage of the latest tools and technology. For many misc. metals projects, AutoCAD is used to provide the plans and details.

What size projects can the Drafting Subcontractor handle?
Generally speaking, we can handle up to about 200 tons of structural steel. Being a small office, larger projects can tie up the office for too long a period and reduce our abilities to provide the service and scheduling capabilities. For misc. metals projects, by submitting the high impact items followed by the less time sensitive items in multiple submission dates, there really hasn't been any project size limit. We take pride in keeping your schedule on time, so honesty is still the order of the day. If we're too busy or don't feel confident meting your due date, we will make that known.